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I'm taking this opportunity, like many others, to get into a solid daily routine. I've had lists, of lists, of lists of things I've been wanting to accomplish or do for years. Below are the 14 things that I want to accomplish every day, while I'm in good health and in the fortunate position of mostly only having to take care of myself.

Now, it's entirely possible I'm going to end up like this guy:

But, I'd rather be ambitious with my time than start by giving in. 

I thought it would be fun to make my list using emojis, with the idea of printing it out as a poster so that I have to see it in my face everyday 😂. 

Here it is!

Before work:

1. 💧
Wake up, drink a glass of water. All those water drinking apps insist that drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning is good for you and wakes you up - so let's put it to the test.

2. ☕️
Make and drink coffee. I got into pourovers a little while ago, and I find it pretty relaxing. Pair a relaxing cup of joe with:

Listen to one episode of the podcast "Learn Persian with Chai & Conversation". My partner is Iranian and learning Persian/Farsi has been a big goal of mine since dating him. I made a lot of progress a year ago but dropped off, time to get back to it.

4. 🚿
Shower... pretty self-explanatory but this one can be hard to keep consistent when you're working from home! There's plenty of evidence out there to support that sticking with a basic routine like this in time of uncertainty helps. So taking this shower is important (and kind to the other person in the house).

During the work day:

5. 🧘‍♀️
Meditate. I've been inconsistent in how regularly I meditate but I'm feeling good about making the time to do this daily. I am also very fortunate to work for a company that runs mindfulness sessions during the day. No excuses (except for that one I made myself Friday :P)

6. 💧
Drink more water.

7. 🏋️‍♀️🤸‍♀️🌲🚶‍♀️
Sometime around lunch I want to move. Go for a little walk, do some yoga, lift some weights. I'm not strict about when this gets done - I've been doing yoga in the evenings and that definitely still counts as a check. 

After work:

8. 🎸📸🧩
Have fun with a hobby that doesn't involve a computer screen. I've been thinking about picking up the guitar for a while, that's on the list. I've also wanted to get into photography - another option (but I need to buy a camera first). Or, my all-time favourite hobby: flatlaying and building LEGO sets for my social channel Blockobot (tiktok, insta). 

9. 💧
Drink water.. there's a theme. I'm really bad at drinking water.

10. 💻💡
Work on my side hustle ideas. Oh there's too many to list here. This is the one I'll have the hardest time with. But I guess this blog/site is a step in the right direction. 

11. 🎮📺
This is the easiest to knock off the list but my goal is to try and get the others done first. It's TV and Videogame time. Always lots of Overwatch.

12. 💧
Glug glug glug...

13. 📓
Journal. I'm inconsistent with journaling, always have been. But I think at this time, journaling will really help, and it will also be very interesting to read back on one day. For myself or future generations. This is, as they say, an unprecedented period of time and it's pretty wild that we're so aware of it as it's happening. 

14. 💧
You guessed it, more water. 


Well, what do you think!? So far, I've been doing well. Not perfect, but well. But the aim isn't perfection, it's to add some order to the chaos and to keep me on track. I'll post just the emojis below. I'd love it if you shared your own in the comments!


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